Use by Industry

Pressure Leaf Filter at an Edible Oil Refinery

Pressure Leaf Filter at an Edible Oil Refinery

 Perlite filter aids have gained acceptance in almost every industry concerned with the separation of liquids and solids, and even gasses and solids. The following list, although not all-inclusive, gives an indication of the many applications where perlite filter aids are being utilized due to their low density, availability, performance, economy and environmental footprint.

Food Processing: juices, beers, wines, sweeteners, vegetable oils, wastewater treatment

Pharmaceuticals: enzymes, antibiotics, Epsom salt

Industrial: water treatment, sizings, oil & solvent recovery, greases

Chemicals: inorganic & organic chemicals, resins, polymers, brine, adhesives, fertilizers, waste disposal

Paint and Coatings: waxes, oils, varnish, gums, shellac, wastewater treatment

Environmental: stormwater filtration, ecology embankments, media filter drains


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